Passion for a Sense of Peace Becomes a Business

This is a passion project that became a business and I welcome you here to learn more, shop, and share with your friends and family.

Remember those times in your life when you were at the beach?  Family, friends, kids, around and enjoying the day in the tropics somewhere.  Those sensations, the sound of waves, sand in your toes, the taste of salt on your lips, and warm sun on your body, bring back a sense of peace no matter where you are.  

I thought about those special times with family and friends a lot during 2020, I know a lot of us did.  Not only did COVID cancel the 4 cruises I had planned, but I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2020.  Sitting on my porch and looking at my palm trees in front of my house (I live in Florida) gave me a welcomed sense of peace.  During this time my family and friends gave me strength and after my last surgery in May of 2021 they could not find any sign of cancer.  I will keep up treatments for the rest of 2021 though, since I have an aggressive form of cancer.

When COVID hit I also lost my job as a real estate broker, so I had a lot of extra time to think and create, and Tropical Peace of Mind the business was born.  I want to create those little reminders of beach, the tropics, and share with others how important it is to have that be a part of your daily hectic lives.

So buy a shirt or a mug that makes you smile. Hopefully it brings back a great memory of rolling waves, a tropical rum drink, and laughing with friends and family.  

– Tanya Eldert

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